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Corporate Actions Toolbox


Essential Knowledge and basic concepts you need to know about Corporate Actions:


A list of all Corporate Action Event types. There are about 60 types. A brief definition, description and examples are provided. An easy-to-use guide that will provide you with the meaning of all corporate action events.

When dealing with Corporate Actions, it is inevitable that one gets in contact with a lot of Jargon. Our "Corporate Actions Jargon Buster" helps you out...! It is a comprehensive glossary of terms.

All Corporate Actions events more or less follow the same sequence of process steps also called a workflow or Life Cycle. Click below to read more about how events evolve.

Who are the people working in Corporate Actions? For one who does not know how the securities industry and how corporate actions events are organised, it is not always clear who the many market players are and how they relate to each other. Get the bird's eye view on our Industry page.

In addition to this website there are several other ways to increase your knowledge about Corporate Actions.

Want to read in more detail about Corporate Actions? Find out which books we recommend!

Find calculations of how some events effect the shareprice in the market. If you know what you are doing you might make money out of corporate actions events.

The Securities Industry and corporate actions in particular are governed and regulated by several national and international bodies and regulations.

Click on the title above to find out how Corporate Actions and Corporate Governance are intertwined through Proxy Voting at AGM's.

Corporate Actions can be very risky. Learn more about what risks are involved.

Every Corporate Actions Event will have tax consequences. Find more about tax consequences of corporate actions events

The basic principles for claiming, compensations and transformation on Corporate Actions Events.

Online information is not always easy to find in case one does not know what to look for. Please visit our "links" page to find the most important links to sites that contain information about Corporate Actions


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